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Rabbit SEO Software Jump up in rankings.

About Us

Rabbit Website SEO is a project management platform for SEO and online marketing agencies.

The application assists SEO agencies with their daily activity and saves time by automating important aspects of the SEO processes (Nothing related to blackhat SEO).

Rabbit Site was initially developed for internal needs: Saving precious time on routine daily tasks like rank monitoring, link monitoring, article submission, Google Analytics monitoring, on page optimization etc. Due to the effectiveness of the platform, we decided to make it accessible for other agencies to use as well, and many developments going forward were made according to their requirements.

Our current customers are mostly SEO agencies and SEO freelancers. However, since Rabbit SEO is very intuitive - site owners that are not SEO agencies also use it.

Main benefits of using Rabbit SEO

* All the information you need is accessible in one place (rankings, search volumes, Analytics data, links, on page issues and more). This saves time spent on using separate interfaces for each type of data, managing multiple excel files and generating reports for customers.

* Another huge advantage is that Rabbit SEO lets its users (usually SEO agencies) embed the application on their website with their logo, which allows their clients access to live data. This application can be altered by the Agencies with different privileges that they wish to grant their clients.

We tend to develop features according to our customers' needs, so feel free to let us know if you feel like the platform is missing anything you need. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.